RP 15 Residential - Milagrow Humantech
RP 15 Residential - Milagrow Humantech
RP 15 Residential - Milagrow Humantech
RP 15 Residential - Milagrow Humantech
RP 15 Residential - Milagrow Humantech

RP 15 Residential

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Robotic 6th Sense, Cleans Pool Floor-Walls-Stairs-Coves, Cleans upto 2100 sq ft in 2 hours, Filters 18000 litres/hour, Smart Z programming, Suits all pool shapes, surfaces and types, Can climb up to 6 ft, Saves upto 93% energy and 30% on pool chemicals,  4 strong scrubbing wheels, 2 powerful motors.


  • Robotic 6th Sense.
  • Cleans Pool Floor-Walls-Stairs-Coves.
  • Cleans upto 2100 sq ft in 2 hours.
  • Filters 18000 litres/hour.
  • Smart Z programming.
  • Suits all pool shapes, surfaces and types.
  • Can climb up to 6 ft.
  • Saves upto 93% energy and 30% on pool chemicals.
  • Can also be remotely controlled for specific cleaning.
  • 4 Strong scrubbing wheels.
  • 2 Powerful motors.
  • 3 Time settings.
  • Injury protection.
  • Multiple sensors or Minimum Human Intervention.


Robotic Functions
Robotic Programming Smart Z programming for Systematic Cleaning
Robotic Balance Rights itself when inverted
Robotic Reverse If RoboPhelps exits the water in a beach-entry pool, it will reverse and attempt to re-enter the water
Robotic Injury Protection The impeller automatically stops within 1 second if it is taken out of the water while it is working
Robotic Self Preservation The impeller stops working in case some large foreign matter is obstructing it
Robotic Shutoff Shuts itself at the end of the cycle
Types of Pools
Above Ground or In Ground Above Ground and In-ground Residential and Commercial Pools
Shape of Pool All Shapes
Surface Type All Types - Tile (large & small), vinyl, Gunite, Fiberglass
Coverage Surfaces Floor, Walls and Coves
Cleaning Performance
Recommended Cleaning Area 2100 Sq Ft in 2 hours
Filtering or Suction Rate 18000 Litres/Hour
Operating Cost per hour Rs 3 per hour
Cleaning Features
Cycle Time and Timers You can select from 3 settings 0.5h ( Pool size less than 500 Sq ft), 1h (Pool Size less than 1000 Sq ft) or (2h Pool Size greater than 1000 Sq ft)
Method of Movement Linear Jet Propulsion
Pool Cleaning Speed Max 120㎡/h or 1300 Sq Ft /h
Ground Moving speed 780 metres/hour or 43 ft/minute
Cleaning Roller Width 34cm (Approximate 1.1 ft or 0.34 m)
Maximum Length of Pool 30 meter
Floating Cable Standard Length 15m, i.e 50 ft approximately
Maximum Climbing Height 180 cm ( Approx 6 ft or 1.8 m)
Filtration Area of Filter Bag 0.2㎡
Pump Thrust 17N
Filter Bag Porosity Standard: 70 micron which is much smaller than the thickness of human hair. It can be changed according to the needs by selecting different filters.
Other Pool Robot Features
Grade of Waterproof Milagrow Robots comply with the international certification of waterproof rating for electronic products. The main unit has the highest Water 'Ingress Protection' (IP) rating of 68.
Grade of Waterproof - Control Box IP 24
Wheel Type Impeller with Sponged Wheels, Abrasion Proof
Scrubbing 4 Sponge wheels - 2 front and 2 back
No of Drive Motors 2. They provide outstanding climbing ability
Cable Swivel 360 Degrees
Filter Bag Location Bottom of the body for easy cleaning
Rust Proof Fully Rust Proof
Storage Temperature for pool robot 0℃-40℃
Optimum Working Temperature 10℃-32℃
Pool Robot Colors Ivory
Power Box Water-resistant
Other Specifications
Input Voltage 100-240VAC, 49.3-60.5Hz
Output Voltage for Pool Robots 29.5 V
Rated Power 200W
Dimension(L*W*H) 450*490*260mm
Packing Measurement(L*W*H) 574*574*413mm
Gross Weight 19.2kg
Host (Main Unit) 1
Power Box 1
User Manual 1
Warranty Card 1
Certificate of Quality 1
Caddy Cart Optional Rs 20000
Product Warranty
Robot Warranty 1 Year not including the wearable parts and accessories